Why The Blue Pods - X6 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds is better than Airpods

It’s time to cut the cord. Why is everyone breaking the bank just to buy Airpods? It shouldn't cost almost $300 to listen to music! Of course, there is the hype around Airpods, but to be honest-- there are better earbuds that you can wear for less than half that price. Don’t pay for the hype, pay for the quality.

But, what’s better than Airpods you say? The X6 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds by The Blue Pods.

Airpods aren't all that you think they are. These X6 Earbuds kick Airpods out of the water with these factors! Check them out below:

Water Resistant

How many times have you left your AirPods in your pocket and they ended up in your wash cycle? We’re tired of having to put Airpods in rice. It’s 2020, we have the technology. This is where the X6’s stand strong. Yes, they’re waterproof! Throw them in your laundry for fun, wear them in the shower or even while you’re swimming. These headphones are crafted with waterproof nano-coating. You can use them up to 2 feet deep in water. The Airpods could never.


Everyone complained about not having the original Airpods in black. We’ve already done that! We have them in White, Black, and Dual Chrome! You get to rock your headphones in whatever color you like. In fact, even if you get all the colors, you will still be paying less then getting one pair of white Airpods. 

Playing Time

It’s been reported that Apple Airpods only have a limited 5 hours of playback time. How many times do you really want to be taking your headphones out to charge them? The X6 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds have 16 hours of playback! That’s more than 3 times of the Airpods duration. Plus, with the constant recharging of the Airpods, they have an estimated lifetime of 2 years. You’re really going to spend $300 on earbuds that last 2 years?

Durable Ear Grip

The X6 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds top Airpods when it comes to it’s design as well. The X6’s don't just insert into your ear, they also wrap around. You don’t need to worry about them falling out when you're running, swimming, or working out at the gym. The silicone earplugs also give an added comfort for those who think the hard plastic earplug is irritating.  

Sound Quality

Although the Airpods do have a good sound quality, the X6 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds gives them some competition! The X6’s use of intelligent noise canceling technology that can recognize vocals, reduce noise, and improve speech clarity. You can get HD sound without any interruptions for your music and your calls.

There’s really no need to be spending so much money on Airpods when there are other alternatives at a cheaper price. Made with passion and innovation, we wanted to bring a premium quality wireless earphone experience that doesn't break the bank. So try them out! Shop your very own pair of X6 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds here.

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