Earbuds Samsung HS330
Earbuds Samsung HS330

Earbuds Samsung HS330

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Earphones are a necessity when you own a mobile phone or tablet or such gadgets. However, there are issues with the sound quality, difficulties in detangling them, the audio control, etc. But forget these with the amazing new Samsung earbuds with their efficiency ranging high. 

These earbuds come with striking features of that of tangling resistant cables, with small, medium and large sized ear gels and much more. It's lightweight design, and fresh, bright white color makes it adorable. It can fit your pockets quickly and can be an excellent gift for music lovers. It is also suitable for working professionals when they need features like volume control but track advance, audio settings and alike. One can also enrich their experience with the answer and send a command with the built-in mic. So, this is your perfect phone accessory! Order before anybody else has it!


  • These are earphones with the shape of the plugs like that of earbud
  • They are tangle resistant and come in a variety of sizes
  • Come with the brand quality of Samsung
  • Allows easy hearing and replying with their built-in mics
  • One can customize the usage by controlling the volume and track advance systems
  • Easy to store, carry and even transport as the earbuds are compact and lightweight


  • Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Drivers: 3.5mm (dual and dynamic)
  • Color: White