Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sleeping Headband 10Hrs Wireless
Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sleeping Headband 10Hrs Wireless

Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sleeping Headband 10Hrs Wireless

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  • No More Painful Ears When Drift Off With Music --- The Sleep Headphones are ideal for people who want to fall asleep to music while not disturbing a partner and not being disturbed by a snoring roommate. The sleep headband is embedded with 2 thin, flat, felt-covered earpieces that are comfy for side-sleepers to lie on, no more pains of wearing earbuds or ear plugs. Without investing too much money, and backed by an 18-month free replacement warranty, you will have no risk to try it!
  • Stretchable & Comfortable. One Size Fits Most --- Being made of super stretchable fabric, the sleeping headband snugly fits most men, women or teenagers. We upgraded the sleep headphones headband to make it more comfortable and practical: with a cutout for nose, the head band will not squeeze the bridge of your nose; with the widened cover for eyes and ears, it blocks lights out like a sleep eye mask, and wraps ears totally like an earmuff.
  • 10+ Hours Music For a Good Night's Sleep --- Free of distracting beeps or annoying lights, and with the advanced Bluetooth 5.2 tech, and the premium lithium battery, the sleeping headphones can last at least 10 hrs after a 2 hrs full recharge. It's very helpful for the light sleepers who use a full night's music or white noise to avoid being startled awake. When the battery runs out, the sleeping earbuds will turn off automatically instead of beeping a warning and waking you during the night.
  • Premium Sound Quality Can Beat Any $20 Headphones --- With perfect clarity on high notes, no harshness to the low and high frequencies, low latency, and high fidelity, the wireless sleep headband flawlessly streams the sleeping sound from your Bluetooth phone or tablet, and help you drift off to sleep whether it's music, audio-books, white noise, meditation, or ASMR. A built-in microphone in the sleep band lets you take hands-free phone calls without removing this wireless headband headphones.
  • Practical Gifts for Almost Everyone. Worry-Free Service --- The Bluetooth sleeping music earbuds will be useful gadgets for people who need better sleep such as a wife or husband who sleeps with a snorer, a night shift worker, a light sleeper on travel, or a dad/ mom with tinnitus issue. The wireless music headband can also be used as a sports head band since the cool touch fabric is breathable and will not hold much heat.